Lisa’s Background

I graduated with honors from Kikkawa College (ICT School) in Toronto in 2002.
I have been helping individuals for over 20 years working in the health and fitness industry. After spending many years traveling globally, I wanted to incorporate my knowledge and experience into my healing sessions.

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After pursuing a career as a Registered Massage Therapist, I  continued training to become a Registered Foot Reflexologist and Certified Acupuncture practitioner. Also, I have additional training beyond my RMT education in proving massage therapy to work with infants and children and teens. I most recently travelled to Nicaragua to complete a Moksha Yoga Teacher Training course and am also happy to offer group, private and youth yoga classes at the Moksha Yoga Studio in Milton.
My three children have all experienced natural healing methods since birth.  Massage was an excellent way to bond with my children and they all still enjoy and benefit from regular massage treatments.
I have always loved working with children and feel I connect and tune in with the needs of each and every client. I wish to empower families to the alternatives associated with natural healing.
“Our bodies are amazing machines and know exactly how to heal itself when given the right internal environment.”