Natural Connections


Located in Carlisle Ontario, Natural Connections is pleased to offer the highest standards in the massage profession for women, infants, tweens and teens.

Specializing in women’s health issues, pre-post pardum, pediatric massage, sports massage, special needs, ADHD/Austism, infant massage and pregnancy treatments.

Benefits of Massage

  •     Helps regulate sleep patterns
  •     Relieves stress through relaxation
  •     Helps correct postural imbalances
  •     Treats , promotes faster healing
  •     Helps relieve gas and colic
  •     Increases circulation
  •     Teaches physical boundaries of healthy touch
  •     Increases motor co-ordination
  •     Helps reduce muscle tension and anxiety
  •     Decreases ADHD/Autism symptoms
  •     Helps strengthen immunity
  •     Helps reduce Pregnancy condition symptoms (Carpal tunnel, sciatica)

For Children and Teens struggling with ADD/ADHD, Anxiety and/or , Sensory Processing Issues

Decrease anxiety, slow down heart rate.

Massage is a non-pharmacological way to immediately achieve a bio-chemical change in stress-reduction and relaxation that lasts for hours

My three children have all experienced natural healing methods since birth.  Massage was an excellent way to bond with my children and they all still enjoy and benefit from regular massage treatments.

I have always loved working with children and feel I connect and tune in with the needs of each and every client. I wish to empower families to the alternatives associated with natural healing.